Pomegranate Pirate

ZC-10 Pomegranate Pirates


Design language: inspired by the car hood, the designer designed a movable structure that is convenient for players to disassemble and install. The front and rear two panels can be supported by a support rod, and the power supply and hard disk area can also be disassembled and assembled freely by the assembly accessories in the form of a drawer box. On the integral modelling did not go after the appearance to have the exaggerated modelling of the individual character very much on purpose, however more tend to accomplish concise and harmonious, achieve a perfect confluence of form and send thereby.


Product specification

Model ZC - 10

Material 5052 aluminum plate, toughened glass, silica gel

Plate thickness 2.0mm

The motherboard is compatible with ATX and below

Size 513 * 236 * 628

Color configuration red black, blue black

CPU radiator height limit 150mm

Drive without

Hard disk bit support 1 mechanical disk +2 solid; Or a single hybrid configuration

Graphics card bits support a maximum length of 350mm or less

Floppy disk without

IO area interface USB3.0*2 HDD*1

The cooling system is suitable for split water cooling, integral water cooling, or air cooling cooling systems.

Fan position 120mm fan position *7

Packing list: double carton, master case, accessory box


The MOD figure


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