Watermelon Thor



Design language: the design inspiration of zc-16 comes from the moment when the battlefield tank is at full power and the tracks accelerate to fly; Designer extract tracks the movement of the image, the design on both sides of the 360 cold position, and continue on fruit ZC - 06, ZC - 07 design style, the case of static beauty and running from perfect combination, coherent whole, overall modelling did it, and gives a case some escape move feeling, let players both visually and from the personal experience of installed to be able to find the condensation point of interest.


Product specification

Material 5052 aluminum plate, toughened glass, silica gel

Plate thickness 2.0mm

The motherboard is compatible with ATX and below

Dimensions length 602, width 282, height 538mm

Color configuration green black, silver black

CPU radiator height limit is 170mm

Drive without

Hard disk bit support 2 mechanical disk +2 solid;

Graphics card bits support a maximum length of 350mm or less

Floppy disk without

IO area interface USB3.0*2 HDD*1

The cooling system is suitable for split water cooling, integral water cooling, or air cooling cooling systems.

Fan position 120mm fan position *6

Packing list: double carton, master case, accessory box


The MOD figure


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