Blueberry Vanity

ZC-01 Blueberry Vanity


Design memo: results from the pursuit of modern aesthetics, designer to create a shape structure innovation, clever and appear a water-cooled chassis overturns the traditional case model, by the plain hale metal frame, and the large area of gleaming glass perfect combination, soft with just line, with the internal rich administrative levels sense, for the case given the soul, the other products more in line with modern fashion, static, and the pursuit of natural and clear state of mind


Product specification

Model                  Z01 tower case

Color                    polar silver, fluorescent green, vibrant orange, sapphire blue

Material               aluminum, toughened glass, silica gel

Process                laser cutting, CNC carving, CNC punching, bending, sandblasting, anode, height welding

Size                      height: 570mm width: 211mm depth: 588mm

Radiator height   limit 166mm support 360mm cold row, thickness unlimited

                            DIY ability to support multi - fan design

Motherboard support                  supports full size

The graphics card supports         a maximum length of 350mm

Hard disk support                       dual - disk bit design, support two solid or two mechanical

                                                   Or a single hybrid configuration

Features no physical key USB,

One key switch restart, support split water cooling, air cooling design


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